M&A Plays the Back 9

Join Materials & Applications, Los Angeles Poverty Department and Rosten Woo for a round of mini-golf! “The Back 9” is a playable educational golf course about zoning and redevelopment politics in Downtown LA. Each hole of the course explores a different aspect of zoning and its political implications. The course in particular connects with the planned Downtown Los Angeles 2040 rezoning which will have dramatic effects on Skid Row.

Join Materials & Applications on select evenings in September and October:

Friday, September 8 (6PM - 8PM)

Saturday, September 9 (2PM - 5PM)

Friday, October 6 (6PM - 8PM

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New Forensics: Scenarios and Simulated Environments

@ 2426 W. Washington Blvd.

M&A and 2426 SET present Scenarios and Simulated Environments, a one-day presentation by artists Kelly Loudenberg and Richard Wheeler, whose work and research focuses on simulating simulations. From violence to surveillance, the two separate but parallel artistic practices investigate, re-articulate and stage the exercises and environments that result from contemporary training scenarios.

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Can A Building Own Itself?

Thursday, May 11
7:00PM - 9:00PM

@ NAVEL | 1611 S Hope Street

Can a building own itself? Or more precisely, is there such a thing as autonomous, anonymous property ownership as opposite to private ownership? Please join Materials & Applications and FOAM DAO for a short workshop that explores alternate financial systems for land ownership. We will (seriously) examine the development of an open source smart contract token protocol on the Ethereal blockchain

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