Privacies Infrastructure
July 21 - September 29, 2018


About the Program
Why do our neighborhoods look the way they do? Through temporary installations, workshops, performance and public programming, Privacies Infrastructure investigates the physical culture of privacy and privatization through the language of fences, hedges, window gratings and security gates. The summer series features newly commissioned projects by Tanya Brodsky, Fiona Connor, Besler & Sons, and Gwyneth Shanks and Sarah Lewis Cappellari, amongst others. The public program takes place in several locations throughout Council District 13 and will be free and open to the public from July 21 to Sept 29. 

Read more about the project. Or download the program guide (11x17) here.

Sobre el Programa
Privacies Infrastructure es un programa público de la organización sin fines de lucro Materials & Applications que explora la cultura de la privacidad y la privatización en los barrios residenciales de Los Ángeles preguntando: ¿por qué nuestros barrios se ven así? Privacies Infrastructure pide a artistas y arquitectos que interroguen las estructuras físicas de privacidad y privatización en Los Ángeles a través de proyectos temporarios en el Distrito del Consejo 13. Este programa multifacético se desarrollará durante el verano con instalaciones al aire libre, performances y programación pública, incluidas nuevas comisiones de Besler & Sons, Tanya Brodsky, Fiona Connor, Gwyneth Shanks y Sarah Lewis-Cappellari, entre otras.  Lee más acerca del proyecto aquí.


Selected Calendar of Events
Calendario Seleccionado de Eventos

July 21-22, 10AM-5PM
Storage Ensemble by Besler & Sons

July 21-Sept 29, Select Hours
1601 Park by Tanya Brodsky

July 26, August 8, 6AM-12PM
Here take it now, Monochromes cast in situ by Fiona Connor

August 4-5, 10AM-5PM
Storage Ensemble by Besler & Sons

August 19, 7PM-9PM
Epicurus' Conundrum by Rachel Yezbick

September 29, 5PM-7PM
Untitled: a procession on the borders of something that has already shifted by Gwyneth Shanks and Sarah Lewis-Cappellari with with 826LA Echo Park Youth Advisory Board, Dana Cuff, Dorit Cypis, Loren Fenton, David Godshall, Grace Lara and Manuel Lopez. 

Online & September 29, 7PM
passing through the bars and over by Gwyneth Shanks

Additional programs to be announced.
Programación y participantes adicionales por anunciarse.


Special thanks to the individuals and organizations who have provided in-kind resources and space for the project: Ingalill and Roland Wahlroos-Ritter, Department of Parks & Recreation, Echo Park Film Center, Hillcrest Company, House of Spirits

This program is made possible in part by funding from

Pasadena Arts Alliance
Los Angeles County Art Commission
City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs
Graham Foundation for the Advance Study of Fine Arts
Foundation for the Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant
M&A Members & Donors