Materials & Applications:
From Parking Lot to Pocket Park

A short video about Materials & Applications and its early years in the Silver Lake courtyard. In 2003, Materials & Applications was founded as a collaborative space for experimentation and research in the parking lot of a Silver Lake home. Part architecture gallery, part research space, and part pocket park, our Silver Lake home served as an unusual and non-traditional site for exhibitions. 

Since 2018, Materials & Applications has left the Silver Lake site and expanding our programming and exhibitions into other spaces in Los Angeles. M&A's mission is to bring new ideas and creative experimentation into public space and public dialogue, and we continue to do so in with the launch of two new spaces: our new office headquarters in Chinatown and the M&A satellite space, a tiny storefront on Sunset Blvd that will allow us to host intimate events and displays (opening in March 2019).