Materials & Applications Is On The Move!


Materials & Applications is leaving our Silver Lake home and expanding our exhibitions and programs into other neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

In 2003, Materials & Applications was founded as a collaborative space for experimentation and research in the parking lot of a Silver Lake home. Part architecture gallery, part research space, and part pocket park, our Silver Lake home served as an unusual and non-traditional site for exhibitions. 

Starting in 2017, Materials & Applications will be leaving our Silver Lake home and expanding our programming and exhibitions into other neighborhoods in Los Angeles. In 2016, we tested this move with TURF: A Mini-Golf Project, a temporary neighborhood putt-putt and pocket park in an empty corner lot of Echo Park. In the summer of 2018, we unfolded the multi-sited and multi-faceted exhibition Privacies Infrastructure, which explores the visual culture of privacy and privatization in the residential landscape of Los Angeles.

M&A's mission is to bring new ideas and creative experimentation into public space and public dialogue, and we will continue to do so in new spaces and with new audiences. Our expansion includes the launch of two new spaces: our new office headquarters in Chinatown and the M&A’s satellite space, a tiny storefront on Sunset Blvd that will allow us to host intimate events and displays. In 2020, we will be partnering with a local institution to transform their courtyard into our new permanent home.

Thank you to our neighbors and supporters in Silver Lake for stewarding our small institution in its early years. Within an ordinary residential context, an extraordinary community of architects, designers and artists produced spectacular installations and programs. We will continue the tradition of the non-traditional as we produce itinerant exhibitions embedded in the landscape of Los Angeles. 

— Jia Gu, Director  

M&A Office + Mailing Address

Materials & Applications
970 N. Broadway Ave. Suite 206
Los Angeles CA 90012

M&A @ The Storefront

1313 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90026

M&A @ The Courtyard

Coming this summer 2020!

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