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Blow Up Your Mind

M&A is pleased to announce its fall series of public lectures. M&A’s lecture series this fall will introduce speakers from a broad spectrum of design, including Natalie Jeremijenko, Jennifer Silbert, George Yu, and others. Unless otherwise noted, all lectures and events are free and open to the public.

Natalie Jeremijenko || designer, engineer, theorist, some say artist. OK technoartist.

collaboration / innovation || Jennifer Silbert || architect and materials specialist.

“Filters” || George Yu. || architect, experimenter, has done inflatables in the past.

“No One is Watching” || Electroland || interactive media and space.
fett || urbanautics ny … || stefan röschert architect and theorist.

Reprogrammable Space… || Robert Miles Kemp interactive media and space.

The Pangolin’s Guide to Biomimetics and Digital Architecture || Dennis Dollens theorist and professor.
ZenLux – Analog to Procedural || Duncan Brown architectural theorist, video games.

Neuroergonomics || Michael Backes, Conceptual designer
Wax On / Wax Off || Benjamin Smith and Vilhelm Christensen materials experimenters.

Bubbles || Juintow Lin & Michael Fox Miao Miao & Scott Franklin Gabriel Renz, Axel Killian and others will relate the process of the current installation.

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Earlier Event: July 22
Later Event: October 14
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