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Materials & Applications is on the move. From 2003-2014, Materials & Applications was based in our Silver Lake courtyard. Today, our exhibitions are itinerant and take place in landscapes, sites, and spaces throughout Los Angeles. Sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date on all of our public programs. 

You can always reach us by regular mail, email, or social media.

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Materials & Applications
970 N. Broadway Suite 206
Los Angeles CA 90012

How to Find Our Office: Materials & Application's headquarters is located in Chinatown in a small courtyard mall in Mandarin Plaza ( 970 N. Broadway Ave. Suite 206. Los Angeles CA 90012). You can find our office on the second floor in the south-west corner of the mall. For individuals requiring special accommodations, the entire building is accessible by ramp or small lift (unfortunately, the building has no elevators). Please note you can access the second floor of the building via the parking lot.

Where To Park Your Car: There is free parking up the street on Cottage Home Street, two to four hour metered parking on Broadway Ave, or you can park in the lot for $5. For longer term parking, the lot also offers $45 monthly parking. 

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