Materials & Applications
Our Three Locations

 In 2017, M&A moved out of our Silver Lake home of 10+ years and  expanded our work into three new locations: an office headquarters in Chinatown, the M&A Storefront on Sunset Blvd, and in 2020, a new summer home in the courtyard of Craft Contemporary. Part architecture gallery, part research space, and part pocket park,  our project spaces serve as an unusual and non-traditional sites for architectural exhibitions and public programs. 

M&A's mission is to bring architectural ideas and creative experimentation into public space and public dialogue. With our new office and programmatic spaces, we continue to bring produce our programming to new neighborhoods and new audiences!


M&A Headquarters

970 N. Broadway Suite 206
Los Angeles CA 90026

The Chinatown office is where we work! Located in the historic Mandarin Plaza, we share our office space with many past and future collaborators, including arts organizers, cultural producers, and architectural practitioners. This is where all our planning and joyful arts administration happens!

M&A Storefront in Echo Park

@ 1313 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Sunset Storefront is a temporary project space opened in 2018. We liken this space to a diorama, visible from the street side but occupiable during open hours. This tiny storefront on Sunset Blvd allows us to host intimate events and temporary installations, with an annual calendar of 3-4 exhibitions and 5-10 public programs.

M&A Courtyard in Mid-City

@ Craft Contemporary on Wilshire Blvd.

In 2020, M&A will return to the urban pocket park as space of learning and experimentation for architecture and art! Following our history of transforming under-utilized space into pocket parks, M&A will launch M&A Courtyard partnership with Craft Contemporary. Hosted in the compact courtyard of Craft Contemporary, M&A will commission and program an annual installation every summer from 2020-2025, set to open from May - September.