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2019 Annual Report
(Our First Ever!)


M&A is pleased to present our first ever Annual Report! This 40+ page document details all aspects of M&A’s work in our fiscal year of 2018 to 2019, capturing the breadth and depth of our art and architecture programming, operations, and development. Read about our mission, values and vision in this report and get to know our organization in its current moment!

In the Annual Report, you can…

  • hear about M&A’s new chapter!

  • understand our mission and recent milestones!

  • discover our past year of programming and learn about what our artists and program team have been up to!

  • get a know our three (yes 3!!) locations, including a new programmatic space to open in 2020!

  • learn about our organization and the people behind the work, including our Board of Directors, Contemporary Council and Staff!