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  • Materials & Applications 1619 Silver Lake Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90026 United States (map)

‘Light Frames’, an installation by Los Angeles architect Gail Peter Borden, will transform the exhibition space with two complementary towering structures. The first is a hand-assembled dual layered dome that rests delicately at the entrance to the courtyard, resembling something between a jungle gym and a skeletal temple dome. The second structure is an enclosed ‘chapel’, built out of translucent vinyl plastic, which provides a place for reflection and repose. ‘Light Frames’, as its name implies, is created using component-based structural frames that combine to create complex geometric forms. Borden makes a conscientious effort to emphasize the method of fabrication by truthfully exposing joints and materials. The resulted layering of systems produces an ephemeral array of light effects as the courtyard transitions with the sun throughout the day.

‘Light Frames’ will be open daily starting October 17th. Admission is free and open to the public. ‘Light Frames’ will remain open daily until mid-March, from 10am-10pm.

Gail Peter Borden is principal of Borden Partnership and an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Southern California. As an artist, theoretician and practitioner, Professor Borden’s research and practice focuses on the role of materiality and architecture in contemporary culture. His book, Material Precedent, is available now.

Earlier Event: June 19
Later Event: November 4