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WORKSHOP | Slow It, Spread It, Sink It

Slow It, Spread It, Sink It is a workshop began by Materials & Applications (M&A) for the Los Angeles Environmental Affairs Department in 2008 in response to the linked problems of polluted storm water flushing into the ocean from Los Angeles, the lack of infiltration in this city, and the worsening water shortage.

By following the guidelines discussed in this website, business and property owners can not only prevent pollution, but also reduce energy and water consumption, resulting in substantial savings to their overhead expenses.

Join the community effort and green your property; more workshops are being organized that will be open to the public through The Arid Lands Institute at Woodbury University.

To find out more and sign up the workshops, visit:



Increase runoff travel time on landscape for maximum infiltration.


Reduce runoff volumes that make it to the storm drain/ gutter by spreading stormwater across gravel, swales, or permeable pavement.


Increase detention and retention of water on your property. Store it in tanks to use later or sink it into the ground.

(Courtesy of Dr. Bill Roley)

The curriculum, website and bilingual brochure for the workshop series were created by Astrid Diehl, Project Coordinator, Jenna Didier, Project Supervisor, and Kim Karlsrud, Project Intern. Special thanks to the project consultants: Freya Bardell, Glen Dake, Jenna Didier and Dr. Bill Roley. Muchas gracias to our translators, David Feller Pegg and Laura Weinstock, and our proof readers: Emmanuel Gonzalez y Herminia Ma Rivera.

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