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Yakuza Lou

  • M&A Courtyard 1619 Silver Lake Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90026 United States (map)

Eddy Sykes’ Yakuza Lou was a site-specific installation that uses the relationship between the natural and mechanical notions of landscape, to create a unique garden with pushing and folding topographic surfaces and a robot cloud that floats overhead which created a volume in constant pseudo-natural flux. A fusion of natural and man-made elements into a carefully thought-out practical application which allowed viewers to re-evaluate advanced systems of design.

This multi-system consisted of a self-articulating, undulating landscape that utilizes hydrodynamics, motors, and growth patterns to constantly redefine a system of octagonal vegetative mats. Aided by a hinge-mounted motor, each octagonal palette expanded and contracted much like an origami, fortune-telling toy. The opened shape became a beautiful three-dimensional grass floret was a unique paint scheme partially inspired by World War 2 confusion camouflage. The landscape coexisted with an artificial Cumulonimbus cloud, which hovered overhead and transformed over time.

Eddy Sykes is the principal of ChersonProm— a multidisciplinary 3D design firm that specializes in the development and manufacture of kinetic architectural systems. Mr. Sykes is a sculptor and architectural designer. His career has engaged him in a wide spectrum of esoteric engineering activities– ranging from kinetic architectural systems for high-speed rail in China, to consultation work on blast-rated doors, and his current endeavors in experimental architecture.

To accompany Yakuza Lou, Dorsey Dunn built a reactive, evolving sound field which was keyed to the movements of the “garden”.

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