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SHOW & TELL ! Connect with the REAL WORLD. Some of these events will take place in the daytime, and as many as possible will eschew the laptop projection format and present things for people to touch and discuss.

Have a favorite gadget or an especially inspired creation? Bring it with you to Show & Tell! At the end of every event we will invite members of the audience who have brought something to share to come up and tell us about it.

All events are $5 at the gate unless otherwise noted.


TUESDAY, 09.06.05 8PM [MP3]


: Game Theory :

Thrill to the immersive excitement of Grand Theft Auto, get caught up in the beats and the machine gun spatter, then stop if you can and consider why this game is so effective. Games like these are designed to be engrossing – addictive – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Benjamin Bratton principal of The Culture Industry will discuss the theory behind the game and what that reveals about the people who play it, the people who create it, and the people who just like to watch.

The Culture Industry is a multidisciplinary design research consultancy based in Los Angeles, California.


SATURDAY, 09.10.05 4PM [MOV]


: Rhombicube-based Cluster-Structures :

“Artist and architect Gregg Fleishman builds furniture, geodesic playground sets and geometric construction sets for children and adults that are as visually dramatic as they are practical.”


SATURDAY, 09.17.05 4PM [MOV]


: Translucent, lightweight, modulation of light and vision :

Panelite is the leading developer and distributor of translucent honeycomb panels to the architectural and design industries.


SATURDAY, 09.24.05 7PM [MOV]


: Creating Maximilian’s Schell :

The creators of our current installation will recount how they did it, show models used in the process, and to demonstrate principles of gravity, host a swimsuit-optional wrestling match in the fountain. This event occurs during the 8th Annual Silver Lake Art Crawl.


TUESDAY, 10.04.05 7PM [MOV]


: Global material resources and future trends :

Material innovation has been defined by the persistent testing of limits. These days, whether you’re designing a building or a toaster, a savvy knowledge of materials is increasingly critical.


TUESDAY, 10.11.05 7PM [MOV]


: Why IA (Interactive Architecture) :

“The integration of such intelligently responsive kinetic systems and architecture “is not so much inventing as it is appreciating and marshalling technology that exists and extrapolating it to suit an architectural vision.” An intelligent environment should really extend the notion of enhancing everyday activities to creating spaces and objects that can extend everyday activities and do things that we cannot do or that are very difficult or inconvenient to do.”

Dennis Dollens will unfortunately not be able to present due to circumstances beyond his control. We look forward to hosting him in the near future.


TUESDAY, 10.25.05 8PM [MOV]


: Show it off! :

“Atelier Manferdini is an interdisciplinary design firm intent on exploring the cutting edge of computer-aided design of exotic forms.”



: Flexicomb + Bubble Glass :

PadLab creates new materials, architectural glass, lighting, and fine art. A fascination with intricacy, materials and process drives their design and research.


SATURDAY, 11.05.05 10AM-4PM


: Origami Workshop : $55 :

Please RSVP by October 28th

Please follow this link for full description: Origami Workshop

This workshop explores the connections between origami, the art of paper-folding, and the worlds of science, mathematics, and technology.

Who should attend: Anyone with an interest in origami; the ties between science and art; recreational mathematicians; and industrial designers and engineers who work with manipulations of surfaces.

Earlier Event: June 4
Maximilian's Schell
Later Event: April 1
Here There Be Monsters