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The SHADE project was created during the summer of 2004. Many people working together over the course of several weeks have crocheted thousands of recycled plastic grocery bags to create a 10′ x 15′ crocheted awning.

EDITH ABEYTA is a Los Angeles multimedia artist who makes work out of the detritus of consumer culture. By combining trash she’s gleaned off the streets of downtown Los Angeles into sculpture, quilts and extensive, community base collaboration, she exposes the ugly side of abundance in the beautiful objects she makes.

Volunteers: Edith Abeyta, Jenna Didier, Oliver Hess, Danelle Ashton, Marshall Astor, Becki Burgess, Nicky Cacavas, Sandra Carter, Susan Edwards, Christine Esprabens, Aimee Gleed, Philip Ginder, Amy Halpin, Shannon Marie Hoff, Carla Holt, Michele Hubacheck, Brian Jewett, Sharon Kagan, Kim Kaufman, Keren Kemp, Susanna Knittel, Lilly, Patty Lundeen, Marti Marshall, Judith Messinger, Mike Row, Samantha, Allyson Shaw, Joseph Shuldiner, Stephanie Spikell, Diane Sherman, Robert Tower, Jane Tsong, Frances Velasco, Michelle Wong, Kie Zuraw

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