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CorteX is a project that involves extracting and generating garments from and through the unconscious of various Clothing Designers. CorteX is part of an investigation into emergent design under the umbrella of Skinn. CorteX is a project that reverses the process of clothes design from an industry and media driven and derived procedure, to an exercise that generates design directly and autonomously from the unconscious. The process involves a controlled hypnotic induction to access the inner mind and explores the idea of ‘intelligent’ clothing as an extension of the central nervous system. This anticipates technology, spearheaded by military research, that enables environment, inner mood and the community to be seamlessly linked into one continuous element. This project follows on the heels of Second Skin, a well-received and widely publicized project that explores the possibility of emergent architecture, as visualized and extracted from the unconscious mind of architects in several countries.


· Selected ‘up and coming’ clothes designers from several different cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Los Angeles and London are invited to participate.

· Each clothes designer participates in a 1hour session in which he/she undergoes a hypnotic induction. In a relaxing state of trance, the clothes designer visualizes a unique garment, generated automatically from the unconscious, that he/she renders with paper and pencil while still in a state of hypnosis.

· Once out of trance, the designer is interviewed so that the specifics of what was visualized can be clearly recorded.

· The garment is fabricated by each designer.

· A traveling exhibition showcases each of these designs, together with a video that records the process. The show also includes an immersive and interactive navigable environment that includes 3-D animated (VRML) representations of the visualized clothing.

So far, 4 designers in Spain have chosen to participate and have undergone the hypnosis stage:

Antonio Alvarado
Carolina Azcona
David Delfin
Gabriel Torres

These are designers that actively participate in the Spanish design scene, and display their work at such prestigious events as the annual Cibeles Fashion Show in Madrid. Plus one Los Angeles designer, Antonio Aguilar who has not just been submitted to the hypnosis session, but has already completed most of the garment. Antonio was recently named as one of the “fab five” up and coming LA designers. The garment was shown at M/A Architectural and Landscape Research And an article appeared in the LA Weekly Oct 10 2002 edition

A project by Marcos Lutyens and Isabel Yañez. The project continues…….

Isabel Yañez ( is a Madrid based curator and writer. She is one of the main writers for the arts magazine Neo2 , and has curated many shows both within Spain and Internationally. Currently she is working on a large scale sculpture-park project for the city of Ecija.

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