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Skinn is an exhibition that showcased two related projects that have been in development for the past year. The projects center on a unique investigation into consciousness, and the structures that emerge naturally from the mind. These two projects, Second Skinn, which relates to architecture and CorteX which involves clothing design, form part of a much larger investigation into the “form consequence” of thought and of other mental processes. In other words, this line of investigation seeks to generate a direct connection between the moment a thought is generated, or rather emerges from a background of consciousness, and its manifestation as a thought-object.

The boxed set for Marcos Lutyen’s Skinn is still available upon request for $12US + shipping and handling. The box includes text explaining the development process of the exhibit and a hypnotic induction CD. The audio on the CD is the same hypnotic induction session through which the designs for Second Skinn have been extracted from the unconscious. Listening to the CD will allow you to fully comprehend the Second Skinn process as well as becoming a participant – if you like. Not appropriate for anyone with a history of epilepsy.

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Earlier Event: September 12
Later Event: September 21
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