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Eclipse by New York based video artist Marybeth Ward was projected onto the stucco wall of the building adjoining Materials & Applications during the opening nights of the Skinn exhibit. Eclipse is the deconstruction of images of the New York Stock Exchange neon sign above Times Square and from a Korn music video that culminates in a mystifying reflection of the moon eclipsed. Video, a time-based medium, allows Ward to manipulate time and space as a means of exploring the process of perception and the experience of vision. Ward often juxtaposes electronic images with elements both man-made and organic revealing the elemental forces locked within and around them.


Ward has a background in the avant-garde theater; she has for many years been associated the LaMaMa Experimental Theater in New York. Her recent installations – La Danse des Arbres; Embryo; Triptych #1: Eclipse, Reflexion and Infinity; Reflexions on Gogol and Things That Quicken the Heart have been presented in New York, the Netherlands, and Spoleto, Italy.

Later Event: September 19